Giant Mixed Use Building Exterior Photo - Minno and Wasko Architects and Planners


Hoboken, New Jersey

Ironstate Development

The project includes approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of retail space at grade, 169 structured parking spaces and 93 luxury rental apartments. The project received a Gold certification under the LEED Version 2.2 Guidelines for New Construction.  At the time of its certification it was the largest LEED Gold residential project in the State of New Jersey:

  • 10 Credits under Sustainable Sites including several for Brownfield Redevelopment, Heat Island Effect, Alternative Transportation, Site Selection, Density and Community Connectivity.
  • 4 Credits under Energy and Atmosphere including at least 14% more efficient than similar buildings.
  • 9 Credits for Indoor Environmental Air Quality through the use of Low-emitting materials, construction IAQ plans thermal comfort, controllability of systems and plenty of daylight and views to users of the project.